I am Britney: A Chicago based Advertiser & Graphic Designer. 

I am a recent graduate from The Illinois Institute of Art -Chicago! I have finally earned a Bachelors of Art in the field of Advertising, and am seeking a fantastic company to begin working for.  

Being in advertising and design, I enjoy embracing the communication challenges of advertising and use them as an opportunity to convince, inspire, & motivate. To have the opportunity to touch another human being through advertising is what drives me the most.

I love the creativity involved in the work of a graphic designer, and independently I am building my skills each and every day.

 Generating creative ideas and paring them with good design can inspire individuals to become more engaged and personally involved with a brand or idea.

I wish to incorporate simplicity and beauty in my designs and advertisements.

I look forward to the challenges as an advertiser & designer, and am eager to take on a new and diverse range of projects creating thought-provoking, motivational, and creative ads.  I have a variety of specialties I have developed from both my schoolwork and independent internships.

Seeking a job in Advertising, Art Direction, & Design

Currently I am seeking opportunities to further my learning and expand my portfolio!


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